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unmetered internet access in Ireland? Not really

Yeah, right.

Karlin mentioned this a couple of days ago, and today the BBC is running with it as well. Note the Jupiter numbers on the article: 1% of Irish homes have broadband. That has to be on par with various group of fish that live in deep trenches of the Atlantic ocean. Or maybe they can get broadband from submarines...

This is a PR stunt, plain and simple. UTV's "unmetered" access is actually limited to 30 hours a month (for the cheapest option, the other one is 180 hours). So they are only changing the "meter" from bandwidth to time. The result of the equation remains the same: X Gigabytes for Y Euro. How is that different from Eircom giving you DSL but limiting transfer to 4gig a month? It's not. Unmetered access usually means unlimited transfer in a month for a flat fee. This is a flat fee, but not unlimited. So the typical result of unlimited (bringing down the cost of transfers to a numer low enough so that internet use becomes pervasive) doesn't happen here. The point of unlimited access is precisely that you leave the machine connected all day and the internet becomes woven into the fabric of life. UTV's offer, just like any other offer for access today in Ireland, only lets you only knit the Internet to one of your coats. Shame on the operators, and shame on the government that doesn't fix it.

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Posted by diego on June 27 2003 at 12:25 PM

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