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say again?

Trevor Marshall talks to an SCO VP on the trial, and what is SCO really after. A weird-feeling, unsettling article. The evasive responses of the VP in question don't just show what other things SCO has in mind, but also how ridiculous it is to try to establish derived work rights of the kind SCO is talking about. As Marshall keeps asking ("so, is BSD a problem too"? "is this clean"? "Is that clean"? he keeps getting answers such as "Well...") except, amazingly in the case of Sun. "Sun is clean" he says. Sun, whose software includes elements originally done by Bill Joy, who in turn did that work in (and in fact, was responsible for) the original BSD distribution. Sun, who also sells Linux machines.

I don't understand. Is this because of the way Sun handled its licenses with AT&T or something? Or because they didn't? Mystery.

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Posted by diego on July 3 2003 at 2:43 PM

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