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heads down

Close to a new release of cactus, I tend to run the latest version on my own datastore (a way of catching problems early, as well as eating my own dog food (unline others) and this sometimes has the effect that I'm not checking my email (or getting RSS feeds, or seeing calendar events) as often as it would normally happen.

Well, one of the reasons for having a calendar is so that you can simply forget about upcoming things and there is less pressure in your mind to remember things. This is not a problem for me generally because I remember everything anyway, unless...

Unless I'm working, or writing. If I'm in the zone, hours can go by wihtout me noticing at all. Today, it happened. I'm working (since I woke up relatively early), and I decide to take a break. I fire up cactus.


Event. I don't even have to look at it. I know. The Dublin bloggers meeting for this month. I look at the watch.

4 pm.

Damn! I really wanted to go.

Until August then. :(

Anyway, I'm going to have dinner soon. While concentrated, aside from ignoring events, I also tend to ignore ages-old survival habits (in the hunger-gatherer sense of the word). You know. Like eating.

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Posted by diego on July 5 2003 at 6:10 PM

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