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film is dead - not!

Salon: Film's not dead, damn it!:

[...] Remarkably few people have bothered to ask cinematographers -- the people who should know best -- what the technology's current strengths and limitations are. People like George Lucas like to think they're on the vanguard of these new methods and modes of filmmaking. But it probably hasn't occurred to most moviegoers that the "Film is dead" movement may be more strongly driven by forces in the marketplace than by artistic considerations.
Related note: I always think about how little widespread appreciation (beyond the Oscar or Golden Globe nods, that is) the makers certain crucial elements of movies get. Like cinematography. Like music. Anyway :) a good article on the hype and reality of digital technologies for cinema, and how the confusion between creation, post-production, and projection has muddled the argument.

Posted by diego on July 7 2003 at 12:01 AM

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