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champagne and a limo

So I'm out for my run, about two hundred meters from the (south-east) entrance of Phoenix Park, and there's a white limo there, 30-feet long maybe, the driver is standing outside of the car, mobile glued to his ear. This is around 3:30 pm on a monday, mind you, so it's a bit remarkable, but I don't dwell on it. I keep running.

About half an hour later, I'm coming back, and the limo is still there. The driver is still on the phone.

On the other side of the road there's a group of several people talking animatedly. I slow down, and watch more carefully. I notice a man on my side of the road, walking next to the limo back and forth, apparently measuring its length. The driver's back is to us, and I'm no longer running, just walking fast. This is getting weird, I think.

Across the road, I notice movement again. A car just missed someone. Focus there.

Three girls: two of them teenagers, the other maybe twelve years old or so. The three dressed in white. All of them beautiful. The hurry across the road as a car gives way. Then I notice the two older girls are holding something... the one in front has two champagne glasses, half-full. The other one has two bottles of champagne, open, also half full. I can hear the clinking of glass against glass. The younger girl runs ahead of them, jumping ocassionally, for a few metres, then stops. Next to the limo. When I look again for the man that seemed to be measuring, I see him walking away.

Through all this I keep walking, so now my neck is rotated some sixty degrees and it's getting to be too much, but for whatever reason I don't stop.

I hear them laugh. The driver turns around, says something. Opens the door. The girls get in the limo, the clinking glasses and the bottles getting in with them, and the driver closes the door behind them.

I keep walking, now looking ahead, but every once in a while, until I reach the park's entrance I look back at the limo, still parked there. For a moment I have this strong feeling that I've suddenly walked into a David Lynch movie. I keep walking...

Hallucinations? Too much coding perhaps? Lack of oxygen supply to the brain?

I'm all for the universe being weird, quirky and/or unpredictable, but this is too much. I demand an explanation!

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Posted by diego on July 7 2003 at 3:56 PM

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