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clevercactus beta 2

Lots of improvements, fixes and new features coming up for clevercactus beta2. Because an image is worth more than a thousand words (and because I won't be able to write a thousand words), here's a screenshot. In it, among other things: the new tabs (the tabs are back! :)), the new horizontal layout, and display of a necho feed (actually, Mark's prototype necho feed). And, before anyone starts on how the horizontal three-pane view is bad, here is a screenshot taken a few seconds later but with the "standard" view; the layouts can be switched on the fly (through the View menu). New things in different areas, too (and the screenshots contain a hint of another upcoming feature...).

So, more updates soon! In the meantime, back to work. :)

Categories: clevercactus
Posted by diego on July 9 2003 at 9:48 PM

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