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rss performance improvements

New cactus beta2 feature of the day: RSS-download performance improvements! Aside from tweaking the parsing a bit, I was reading Mark today, and he was reminding everyone about some bandwidth- and performance-tips for RSS readers, including use of conditional GET (which Dylan first brought to my attention last year) for HTTP and GZIP encoded streams. So now cactus beta2 supports both. Huge difference in check times for feed changes, and for download times when there are changes.

And, btw, I've also added GZIP streams support to this site (after a bit of fiddling, as usual, the docs for the configuration are all over the place). Two in one: Bandwidth saver -- and a good way to test cactus!

Categories: clevercactus
Posted by diego on July 10 2003 at 12:18 PM

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