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the limits of MIDP

Jamie talks about one of the great disadvantages of MIDP in accessing information present on the device itself. MIDP-based applications are completely restricted by a Sandbox, both in terms of execution and storage, which is bad (the restriction by default is ok for security reasons, but there should be a way to go beyond it): after all, part of the point of building an application for a mobile phone is that you can interact with its core functions, and those are largely centered around data. Since the MIDP doesn't allow access to JNI either, there is zero possibility for interaction.

And, as Jamie says, it is indeed strange that no JSRs are in place to deal with this. However, I remember reading somewhere (recently) that once the rollout of MIDP 2.0 is done the focus would soon shift to providing APIs to access the device's information.

Btw, my previous post on Symbian was just the first on several things that I wanted to comment on regarding mobile development. Next subject: J2ME. :)

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Posted by diego on July 16 2003 at 7:15 PM

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