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the new HP

An interesting interview with Carly Fiorina with the staff. Quote:

One of the things we have to let go of is this notion that growth in the technology industry will be driven by the next big thing, by the next "killer app" or hot box...The real big thing in technology is that all this stuff has to work together. And when all this works together, what do you have to think about? Security, liability, mobility, rich media, total cost of ownership--all these things matter.
I think that both things coexist. On the other hand, what might be the new "killer app" is something less obvious, less "clean" (ie., "a web browser") and more reliant on interconnections between different tools, usage patterns, etc. When a number of things are put together (security, mobility, low TCO, ease of use) the quality of what can be done with the tools changes.

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Posted by diego on July 24 2003 at 2:01 AM

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