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the rocky horror picture show

No... not the movie... but this bizarre morbid voyeurism that the media seems to love so much (and, hey, if it sells, the public can't be far behind no?)... Every newspaper in the world. Every news channel. Magazines. The Internet. I mean, is it ever enough?

They say: Poll: was the Pentagon right in releasing the pictures?
They don't say: Are we a bunch of sleazebags for pretending we don't have anything to do with their dissemination? vote now!

They say: by the way, these images are gruesome and might affect your sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children.
They don't say: We tell you all of this to guarantee that you will watch them, that you will make a face or appear horrified, and then go, shaking your head, to tell everyone how horrible it was but now that I've seen some low resolution pictures of these mangled bodies, I'm convinced of whatever. (And: does anyone expect, in this day and age, that people would be convinced by a photograph? Plus, skeptics and conspiracy theorists will not be swayed by anything at all. In fact, the more proof you present, the less they will believe).


Posted by diego on July 25 2003 at 5:26 PM

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