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summer pays a visit

Warm today (20 C). Hot, possibly, tomorrow. Bank holiday, a day in which to rest for no reason (other than it's the middle of the summer and it's cool to get a Monday off I suppose). Wonderful. Difficult to concentrate, as the brain seems to want to do anything at all except think. Some work done, however. Read some news, as well, and thought about commenting but couldn't come up with anything remotely coherent to say: ideas seemed small and unimportant.

The sky now isn't blue: just clouds that seem to melt into a blueish white. Very bright. Not much wind.

Memory flash: yesterday night, walking home after dinner, a great view of the sky as night fell: deep metallic pure blue. Peaceful. At peace.

Now off to the park for a bit. More later.

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Posted by diego on August 4 2003 at 2:40 PM

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