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too late to raise a white flag

So I wake up and I discover that a mini-flamewar of sorts had broken out in the comments to my post on yesterday on formats. Too late to stop it, and unsure of how to deal with it (I really need a "comments policy"). Anyway. Everyone seems to have had a chance to reply. I've closed the comments now, to avoid further bit-throwing.

Peter's comment --the last comment added-- was interesting; re: the comparison with HTML, and the idea that multiple broken implementations of RSS might have been better than different standards well implemented--particularly since I just happened to find, while doing some random blog-surfing, an interesting interview that Mark gave a couple of months ago, with some comments on the XHTML2 standard process. Playing "what-if..." in my head might not be terribly useful, but maybe I'll learn something new.

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Posted by diego on August 7 2003 at 10:06 AM

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