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apple's direction

From BusinessWeek online:

Rather than accept being a niche PC maker, Steve Jobs is transforming his baby into a high-end consumer-electronics and services company
The "lifestyle" idea merges well with Apple's approach to product development, and it might be the right time (Not that Apple invented this--Sony did--but Apple has been much better at getting its message out, while Sony's message has actually gotten a bit muddled for whatever reason. Job's strong direction probably plays a big role here).

The idea of Apple as the "BMW" of computers goes back a long way (best described in Stephenson's great essay on the history of operating systems), but now, while retaining their "upscale" exposure, they are branching out a bit. What would be the comparison then? the Pottery Barn of tech? :-)

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Posted by diego on August 7 2003 at 10:49 AM

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