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bloggercon invite

I got an invitation to BloggerCon (Thanks Dave!), and although I might not be able to go (money... time... etc...) I'll definitely try to make it. What's really interesting about this conference (if I got it right!) is that it's not for techies; rather, there will be technical people but the idea is that we can look at how weblogs are being used in different areas, and talk to users. Or rather, developers can listen to the users :-). Very cool. All too often we end up handing down pronouncements from our ivory tower that have little relation to what users actually want. Specifically, how is blogging affecting different activities? How are people using blogging tools, syndication, etc, in different environments? (And one question that they might probably answer as well, even partially, is: how can we, the developers, make things easier for them?). Lots of open discussion and similarly good stuff.

Blogging has already opened up avenues of communication between developers and users that simply didn't exist before, and I think its given a new (more "real") sense to the idea of "user community" or "developer community". BloggerCon will take that one step further.

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Posted by diego on August 11 2003 at 4:52 PM

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