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two cool books

Today (finally!) I got two books that I needed for my thesis (or is it "wanted" instead of "needed"?). One of them is Packet Communication Robert Metcalfe's 1973 PhD thesis in which he set the basis for Ethernet (which was developed by him shortly thereafter while at Xerox PARC). The other one is Ruling the root, internet governance and the taming of cyberspace by Milton L. Mueller, which talks about the development of DNS and all the issues surrounding it. I've flipped through them, and I'm already drooling. I know most if not all the topics discussed in these books, some of them very well, but sometimes it' easy to get hooked on a single element ("Hey, how cool is this proof that algorithm Z can be relied on to behave at O(log N) complexity?") and losing sight of the larger picture. "Connecting the dots" it's called these days. More comments after I've read them.

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Posted by diego on August 13 2003 at 7:42 PM

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