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one/Walking across the park along one of the less-traveled roads, I see a bird flying. The bird flies perpendicular to the road I'm on, on a trajectory that will cross mine, approaching, losing altitude. The bird touches down right on the curb opposite mine, walks across the street, tiny steps, and when it gets to the other side, only a few meters away from me, it takes off again, continuing along its original path. I stand there, looking at it until it becomes a point in the sky, then dissapears.

two/At a convenience store, getting some milk and bananas, a magazine in the newsstand reads, in bright, big type: "My husband's lover hired hitman to murder me." I keep thinking I need to get a blender.

three/Deep in work, I find an interesting paper titled "A Euclidean Ramsey Problem" by Geoffrey Exoo. I read it. It's more than useful. And yet all I can think of is how Exoo is a really cool name if you want to be, say, a topologist.

four/A song keeps playing in my head. It's Bad, not the studio version, but the one that is in Wide Awake in America. Then A sort of homecoming, which follows it. I listen to both. Repeatedly.

five/There is a spoon. But no one really knows who, or what, if anyone, or anything, put it there.

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Posted by diego on August 18 2003 at 8:30 PM

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