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I'm mad as hell... and I'll take it for one more day

Kevin Werbach is right. This last day could very well be the day email died. I am still getting one email per minute. I am even more pissed off at Microsoft. And even though I am seriously looking at how to do whitelisting/challenge-response in cc, I know that's only half of the solution since emails still clog my server inbox, and at 110 MB per day it's nothing to be sneered at.

If this keeps up I will ditch email. I'll give it one day, starting now. In the meantime I am looking at the latest version of Red Hat Linux. I still use Win XP as my OS, and I have to use it for development and such, but this is just abuse, even if I haven't been harrassed as others have been. The great Microsoft exodus should begin momentarily.

Update: From the comments, I guess that what I said wasn't clear (reading it over I admit it was a bit muddled :-)). The email I'm receiving has nothing whatsoever to do with me running Windows. I am being spammed with viruses from people that are infected. I am not contributing to the spread in any way. My email is received in a Linux box that I use for hosting. Essentially what Nex6 was saying in the comments. The only way I would have to stop these things from showing up in my mailbox is to put a virus filter at the SMTP level that would bounce to the sender when attempting to send the virus, but I don't have the software, I don't have the time to look for it, and I don't have the time to install it. Furthermore, I don't want to have to go through all this crap because of ActiveX and the shoddy security model of Windows. So.

Point number one is that if this keeps up by tomorrow I will disable my email account. Maybe switch to a new name. That will get the email bounced with no work on my part. I have specifically been thinking how I would simply stop using email at all. I am sure that it can be done. I just need to think of the cases that I want to cover, and how...

And then, point number two is to start ditching MS stuff whenever I kind, my own tiny bit of protesting. Like Scott says:

Outlook is a joke. No sane computer user today should use it. If your company makes you use it, go to your CEO and explain how much time and money his company is losing by using it. I use Eudora; there are several other good non-Microsoft products depending on what platform you're on.
Yes. Yes. Definitely. And clevercactus is one. But any client will do. The madness has to stop. Mass exodus now!

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Posted by diego on August 20 2003 at 12:54 PM

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