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At around noon, I thought the filters were more or less working. I was right. They worked so well, in fact, that even I wasn't allowed to send any email. Hmpf. More configuration. Verifying whether it was a problem with clevercactus in particular (it wasn't). Removed a couple of hostname checks that, while useful, prevent clients behind firewalls from sending email (because it can't do a reverse lookup on their name). Then spent another bunch of time until I realized that the pop-before-smtp process had died at some point, and that meant my client wasn't being properly authorized.

Anyway. On to Linux now. Verified that my 802.11 card works ok. Ready. Funny that a year ago I had shed the first layer of monopoly-skin (and I was using spaces back then, even though I hadn't mentioned it yet :-)).

Categories: technology
Posted by diego on August 25 2003 at 7:11 PM

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