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now preparing...

...for a feature-freeze in clevercactus and the subsequent bugfixing only period prior to final release. Part of that is installing a bug tracking system, and I'm now looking at bugzilla, scarab, FogBuz and JIRA. I've used scarab internally up until now, but I want to deploy this in the open and I'm not too happy with Scarab's complexity. FogBuz looks nice and its price is reasonable, although if I'm not mistaken it is fully hosted (an ASP model) for the trial and requires Windows if deployed, which wouldn't work for me. JIRA looks nice, but I wonder if I could use the trial as I want to. Bugzilla might be the way to go then; only problem is that the setup is a complete nightmare. We'll see.

Categories: clevercactus
Posted by diego on September 5 2003 at 1:59 PM

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