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you like your myths rare or well done?

This pisses me off slightly, which accounts for the more sarcastic tone. In case you were wondering. :-)

I was just reading Vasanth's entry "study reveals not-so-hot java" in which he happily perpetuates myths that for some reason keep sticking to the Java platform. The only point that is half-true in his list is that Java is not managed by an open standards body. I know that many people are not happy with the JSRs, but it's half way there, and Eclipse keeps gaining momentum (memory refresh: Eclipse started about three years ago).

As for his other "points": I'd suggest this: the next time you hear someone say things like "Java is slow on the desktop" your should ask:

  • compared to what? Assembly code? and
  • Where, exactly is your proof? How about a few examples of non-performing Java desktop applications?
I have a number of examples that actually prove quite the opposite to the slow-on-the-desktop claim.

"Write once, run anywhere not true" he says. Really? Then how is it possible that I could write a client application that was deployed successfully on everything between Windows, Linux, MacOS, and even OS/2? Without a single line of platform-dependent code? Is it magic? I can't remember any chanting being involved...

And as far as those much discussed "scalability problems", hey, isn't eBay's use of J2EE enough proof that Java can scale?

Case closed.

Posted by diego on September 12 2003 at 8:35 PM

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