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Karlin on AdSense

Karlin writes about Google AdSense in yesterday's Guardian:

I don't understand this smoked-salmon-socialist approach to personal websites. Many, if not most, of these people are the same ones who, until Adsense, loathed banner ads, not to mention the dreaded pop-up.

Now that they have caught the scent of cash, bloggers are more than happy to slap the damn things prominently on their webpages in the hope that their readers will do what they never do - click on through. As one blogger confessed on his blog, he hopes others don't use the banner-ad blocking software he uses, the faster to bring him his Google dosh.

I must admit that my immediate gut-reaction was similar, but it didn't last. I ended up taking the more err... capitalist approach of saying that, well, if people accept the ads on weblogs they read, then so be it. I also disagree with the blanket statement "ads are bad for weblogs". Her note of people that have turned around 180 degrees (people that previously derided news sites and such that used ads, to suddenly getting ad-religion) is good though. Ah, the ironies of technology.

Ads are appropriate in some contexts, and they do help people pay for their hosting and maybe make a little money on the side too. After all writing a weblog can take its effort. And if people are making some money with their ads, then it follows that readers must be interested in them, no?

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Posted by diego on September 19 2003 at 6:17 PM

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