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reading the matrix tea-leaves

Another break and I've been watching the recently-released trailers and tv-spots for The Matrix Revolutions (funny: "released". Software is data. Data is software. Ahem. Moving on...)

So I thought I'd write down a few wild, ridiculously early speculative comments, going back to all what was discussed following my review of Reloaded. Since this is based on about 3 minutes of video, I don't expect my speculations to be too accurate, but what the hell.

First, a couple of complaints. It seems that overbearing language is still an overriding necessity. The trailer has this set of sequences where everyone says things like "I believe in him. He believes in us. I don't believe in The One. I believe in him. We have to believe." And on and on and on, in quick succession. Jeez, I get the point, enough already with the belief. Is this a movie, or a new religion?

Then there is a short scene where Neo is having a nice chat with what seems to be a personification of the Matrix itself, telling "it" that Agent Smith is out of control. Looks bad. Baad bad bad bad. What is up with the Matrix antropomorphising itself? The whole idea of Matrix-like concepts is that these systems are meta-human-conscious, and as such not only they exist on a different plane so to speak, but also cannot relate to the human mind. Plus, this whole notion of a piece of software running around "out of control" within a system as refined as the Matrix is patently ridiculous (and besides, the Matrix needs a puny human to find out that there's a problem?). I wonder how, or even if, they are going to explain that. Maybe they'll say that the Matrix subcontracted systems development to Microsoft, and there was a buffer overflow in port 25 or something of the sort... but come on, even msblaster was stopped, wasn't it? Should we be looking forward to Norton Antivirus--The Matrix Edition?

Another thing that is apparent is that the Oracle is gone. Or rather, there's a different actress in her place. Younger. Similar-looking. I knew that the actress that played the Oracle in the first two movies had, sadly, died mid-shooting of the sequels, but I wasn't sure if she had finished her role in the story. It seems she didn't. I'd bet the new Oracle is supposed to be the old Oracle except younger, through some twist of plot... I mean, fate. As far as other characters are concerned, it appears that the Merovingian is back, and it has an ace hidden somewhere. Which would fit with the speculation that it was a Neo in a previous iteration of the Matrix...

Third, and more importantly, it seems to me that that the matrix-within-matrix theory is a more than likely plot-twist. Characters in the trailers for Revolutions never say "Matrix" and "Real World" (as in the previous two movies, particularly in the first). Now they speak of "Two Worlds" (big difference). Plus, there's a new effect similar to the "Matrix view of the world" (that coolish classic-CRT-green) and this one is in tones of yellow. Example: this is a frame in which Neo is sitting on a chair surrounded by Agent Smith copies, as seen with the now classic inside-the-Matrix perception:


And these are two frames, the first one is apparently what Neo sees in the "real" world when he looks closely at the man who was "infected" by Agent Smith at the end of Reloaded and the second is Neo walking through... well, a corridor of some sort :):


So the "real world Matrix" is yellowish? Hmmm...

Another item of note is yet more "borrowing" of concepts from Anime, with the concept of robotic body armors that looks a lot like that of Macross (aka Robotech):

(Incidentally, James Cameron used a similar concept for Aliens, but I hadn't connected it to Anime until now).

Regardless. It will definitely be entertaining, we just have to hope the story doesn't screw up the experience (I am optimistic).

Now to wait until November 5...

Posted by diego on September 27 2003 at 12:14 AM

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