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...and done!

Yay! thesis submitted!!

So left everything ready, slept a couple of hours and went out in the morning to submit the thesis. Before that (at around 5:30?), something interesting that happened was my alarm clock breaking. I had bought the clock two years ago almost to the day when I just got to Dublin, and today the night light, that is supposed to turn on when you change a setting and then off after a couple of seconds, just stayed on. Which meant that the battery wouldn't have lasted long. Funny how the clock that I got when I started the thesis stops working the exact day that I'm submitting it. Anyway, I ended up using the alarm on the cell phone. Not that I needed it much... (the alarm I mean).

So I got to campus, rain was on and off throughout (the weather seems to have returned to normal a bit, at least for now). Bound the two copies of the thesis and got to the Graduate Studies office around 10:15 (they are open only between 10:00 and 12:00 and 2:00 and 4:00--go figure-- and considering that I could only submit it today getting the timing right is about as difficult as planning a space launch. I didn't get ESA involved though).

So, submitted it. Got a yellow slip that I had to fill out by hand with my student info, thesis info, etc. The woman receiving it sent me to some Fees Office to which I've never been before outside of campus. Got there. Guard on the entrance. Can I help you? Yes, I'm looking for the fees office, I say. Okay, take a seat. I complied. Waited. Nothing seemed to happen. The guy was sitting there and not calling anyone, or doing anything in particular, and I started to wonder how I was supposed to know when it was my turn.

As it turns out it was basically Token Ring (haven't they heard Ethernet won?). They had one "pass" card that you got and went up to the office. Then once the previous person was done they gave the card back to the guard, who gave it to you, and up you went. And so on. So I went up. Got the piece of paper stamped. (This whole runaround with the paper-stamping business really put in perspective the fact that my work is on self-organization of large scale networks!). Went back to the GSO. By then it was pouring, but I almost didn't notice. Gave the woman the piece of paper. She folded it, put it in an envelope.

"Well, that's it! Congratulations!" she said.

"That's it?" I said, thinking, no rite of passage? Nothing? Then I said: "This is a bit ... anticlimatic..."

"Yes. Heh." She said. "Well, congratulations again. Go have a pint."

Ah, right. Ireland. That's the rite of passage. :-))

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Posted by diego on September 30 2003 at 4:53 PM

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