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only open-source--but only on the desktop

This caught my eye: Massachusetts is moving towards favoring open source software over over closed source.

I have a question: If they do that, then when their employees want to do a search on the web, which search engine, exactly, do they tell them to go to? Not Google of course. It's not open source. Not MSN. Not Yahoo. Er...

What? That a web application is less of an application? Why?

If you use something like, say, a Yahoo! service, is it less "use" because it's on the web? And why is it that it wouldn't matter then?

I am not saying that the policy is good or bad. Honest. I am just asking why is "open source" so important on the desktop but not on some other incredibly critical services that people use every day, all year long. And speaking of that, when was the last time that anyone got a look at the source code of NSI? I mean, they do happen to run the most critical services on the Internet...

Categories: technology
Posted by diego on October 2 2003 at 12:07 AM

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