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feedster search plugin for Mozilla Firebird

If you use Moz Firebird you'd probably agree that one of the coolest small features it has is the search box that is at the top-right. Built-in, that search box supports Google and a mozilla search engine of some sort that I've never used. Its workings are a bit opaque, but once you've got a handle on it it's not bad.

That box is in fact an easily extensible mechanism. Since I find myself depending on weblogs to find stuff that I want (and google is returning weblog results all over the place anyway) I spent a bit of time this morning creating a plugin for feedster search. So here it goes!

Steps to install:

  • First, download the plugin ZIP file, which contains two tiny files, the plugin spec file (.src) and an icon that I cooked up since I couldn't find a feedster icon on the site (not that I spent too much time looking...)
  • Then, go to the directory on which you've installed Firebird. In there you should find a subdirectory "searchplugins" uncompress the content of the ZIP file into there. You'll notice that the other options are also found with .src and .gif files for the icons in that directory.
  • Restart Firebird.
And it's done! Now you can simply choose it by clicking (one left-click) on the icon of the search box. That pulls up a list of options, in which feedster should be one now. Choose it, and then search away!

PS: This is actually a format that Mozilla (the original) uses for search plugins--it might work on Mozilla too. Haven't tried it though. If anyone does try it, let me know the results.

Posted by diego on October 9 2003 at 12:02 PM

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