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the memory-overflow trial?

Totally missed this when it happened, and I've seen few comments on it on the blogsphere. I was reading this CNN/Money article on how Microsoft plans to "overhaul" Windows to "fight hackers" ( coverage here) and I noticed a link on the sidebar... it turns out that on Oct. 2, Microsoft was sued in California (coverage from, Infoworld and CNN here, here and here respectively--and predictably enough there was a slashdot thread on it). Whether the lawsuit will actually go anywhere is anyone's guess-- and there are other potential problems with this approach, that I mentioned here. I do find it interesting that this didn't generate more of a widespread response. Should be interesting to watch out for developments on this.

And, regarding Microsoft's announcement--it apparently has to do with Microsoft's long-rumored Palladium initiative. The announcement is high on words and low on substance. The bad side of marketing...

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Posted by diego on October 11 2003 at 11:07 AM

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