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Again, something that I missed: the specs (or is it the product itself?) for the long-rumored Psion/Windows CE device have been published (slashdot thread here). The name: NetBook Pro. As the happy owner of a Psion Series 7 (essentially the original netBook, but with half the memory and some ROM differences) I can't wait. Yes, it would be great if they were using Symbian. No, I don't care that they are not (as a consumer, that is--as a developer... well, that's another matter). The S7 is just fantastic. Mine goes without needing a recharge for weeks and weeks. Instant on. Perfect size and weight (although if the keyboard was a bit bigger I wouldn't complain). Pretty much my only problem with it is that the resolution is terrible and the applications aren't directly compatible with anything (although you can do conversions through the sync, that's not quite the same). And Psion would do well not to make the same mistake regarding sales channels that they made with the netBook--there was no way of buying it through Amazon or whatever, only through resellers and generally in quantity (it was a corporate product) which forced everyone to get the less-powerful S7. Something else to watch out for.

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Posted by diego on October 11 2003 at 11:33 AM

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