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calendar questions

Part of the work on the new beta of cactus has to do with making the calendar work properly and adding main missing features to it (such as recurrent events, or all day events). One interesting area in this sense is the calendar "properties" or configuration if you will. Here are the main elements that I'm working with at the moment:

  • Format for date
  • Format for hour/min
  • Timezone (to support timezone shifts when traveling or working with a group on a different country, etc)
  • First day of the week (eg., "Monday")
  • Workdays. Each day of the week can be a workday or not. If it is a workday we can specify previously set "working hours" as ranges start-finish (multiple ranges for each day are allowed, as opposed to most current tools where only one range per day is possible).
  • Holidays. Each holiday can have a day/month, name, and description.
This stuff would be represented in an XML file (see an example here) that will be accessible from the root dir of the application and configurable through the API as well.

Questions: what are other important calendar settings? Calendar functions in general would be interesting too, but general properties are the main focus at the moment. However, if there's any particular element of your current calendar software that you find annoying or some feature that you'd really, really like to have, let me know too. Drop a comment, or send me an email. Thanks!

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Posted by diego on October 13 2003 at 1:32 PM

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