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rss autodiscovery, take 3

Dave has noted the beginnings of his spec for RSS autodiscovery. He has gone the OPML way, and basically his discussion mirrors what I wrote regarding the topic and the choices we faced about a month ago. Jeez. A month! A month! What is up with time these days? Aiieeeeee! [diego runs flailing arms around].

[diego gets back to the computer]

Ok. Sorry about that. I was saying. We're basically in agreement I think, and I had mockups for different options (Tima had also put forward a mockup in WSIL as another option). Anyway, regarding OPML, here's the mockup I did then which differs with Dave's proposal basically on the tag names. I think we're basically in agreement (In the comments of the original post from Jeremy, while some people, including me, thought the idea of using maybe RSS or something else could be better, everyone preferred getting something out the door, no matter what format. In the end it's only agreeing on a few tags, isn't it?).

Just one comment: I think that as a final step, aside from completing a spec (adding samples, etc), OPML should be more rigidly specified so that a) people can't create public feed listings with whatever tags they want (the OPML spec is too flexible in this) and so that OPML files can be validated. Only minor changes are necessary, such as clarifying that no new tags can be used, and maybe that the strings for text/description are UTF-8 to make sure we don't get into a situation where, say, a Japanese news agency decides to use a Japanese encoding instead of Unicode.

Update: Sam also noted the need for this format and started a Wiki to deal with it. I have a feeling of deja-vu here.

Posted by diego on October 14 2003 at 10:16 AM

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