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and in yet other news...

... my blogbrain is still a bit frazzled from writing the two pieces (articles?) on intro to blogs. Not even two full days out, and I've gotten great feedback and tons of links. Thanks all! Glad it was useful. I'll try to reply to some of the comments (and email) tomorrow as well.

Just writing them was quite an experience. It is quite amazing how easily we get used to things and we end up thinking they're obvious--only they're not. Once you start to peel back ideas and concepts, things that we (some of us) use and work with and talk about every single day, like "RSS", or even "server". The main thing I've learned all over again writing those posts is that we need to do better. Way better. Come up with examples. Simpler software. And so on.

Coincidentally, Dave points to a tutorial that he wrote back in May last year: How To Start a Weblog (For Professional Journalists). Very cool.

I'm wondering what other things seem obvious but are not, and might be a good topic for another introduction. For example, there are some things that I didn't go into detail in the articles, like blog posting from other clients...

That aside, today was a beautiful day, just a bit cold (not as cold as yesterday, when it was really cold!), sunny, breezy. I went out for a walk... and... I got ticket for Matrix Revolutions. Wednesday. November 5. At 2 pm. Yay!

Yes, that's when it opens. Supposedly it's synchronized worldwide: the first showing of the movie starts everywhere in the world at about the same time. 2 pm GMT... (I assume that in California they'll start at 12:00 am or 1 am at most. Kinda like they did with Star Wars Episode 1).

Going to sleep now, or rather, to read for a while. Lots of things today. A bit tired. Not bad for a Sunday! :)

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Posted by diego on November 3 2003 at 12:39 AM

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