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"it's full of stars!"


Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. :)

Before going back to read a bit, before sleep, I just went out to the balcony to feel some of that cool (or cold) early morning fresh air and I saw something I haven't seen in a while: stars.

What a rush. You sort of forget about them since it's not really that common to see them, with the light going up from the ground, fog, clouds (lots of that here in Dublin), but tonight's surprinsingly clear, and Orion right "outside" my window, so I took a long exposure shot of it and here it is. Obviously I can see more stars than those that appear in the shot (the whole constellation, including the "left elbow" of the archer) but not that many --in fact the shot looks kind of lame, doesn't it? Oh well. That's city life. Note to self: travel out to the country for a night at least and spend some time looking at the galaxy that's out there.

I took a couple of nice pictures at sunset yesterday that I'll post tomorrow or at some point during the week as well. And some comments to reply to--will leave that for tomorrow. I mean today. Later. After sleep that is. :)

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Posted by diego on November 16 2003 at 2:40 AM

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