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will I stop with Microsoft? and other things

Short answer is, yes. :) Even though I'm fascinated by all of this (When I put on my history buff hat, almost everything is fascinating, but this more than many other things!) I think I will let it rest for a while. I'll wait and see before saying more. (And I think that last post drained me out a little :)).

That aside, tonight I took a break to watch (on TV) Remember the Titans. Like with Any Given Sunday, the movie is still effective for me even though I have absolutely no idea of what is going on with the game. I don't understand the plays, the code words, I don't understand anything at all. "56! 7! 56! Huh! Huh! Huh!" or whatever. That kind of thing. I have watched parts of actual games and I find them absolutely, stunningly boring. It's like watching a Sumo match, a lot of jockeing around for position, a lot of posturing, and bursts of furious and violent activity. But on movies, American Football looks great (when it's well done of course). I understand that it's a game with a heavy strategic and tactical tilt, and probably that helps--kind of like a movie about war. Regardless, I was repeatedly amazed at how this happened (of me not understanding anything and still somehow relating).


I still haven't posted the pictures I took on Saturday. I've been looking at them, there's a couple I really like. Tomorrow then (why not now? Because I don't want to start checking JPEG compression sizes at the moment).

I should also be blogging more about what I'm doing, what's going on with clevercactus and so on. Mea culpa. I find it difficult to discuss things mid-process for some reason. Nothing comes out. It will come in time I guess.

Now to read a bit, and then a brief slumber.

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Posted by diego on November 20 2003 at 1:00 AM

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