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tony blair and the simpsons

and this from the we-don't-want-you-making-any-comparisons dept:

homer and tony blairA few months back I read that Tony Blair was going to guest-star in an upcoming Simpsons episode. As it turns out, the episode is premiering in the US this week, and yesterday The Times of London had a cover story on how 10 Downing Street flexed its lobbying muscles to stop the episode from airing coincidentally with Bush's Sate Visit: The US Visitor Blair didn't want us to see -- yet. Quoted from the article:

DOWNING Street really did try to prevent an oafish American causing trouble on a visit to London.

Tony Blair, a longstanding fan of The Simpsons, recorded his dialogue for an episode of the cartoon series at Downing Street in April.

But the episode, entitled The Regina Monologues, has been the subject of intense negotiation with Fox TV, which has claimed that No 10 prevented any tapes being released before George Bush’s visit to avoid any possible embarrassment.

Aides denied this but confirmed they had requested that the show should not be trailed in advance because “we didn’t want a lot of hoo-ha about it”.

Alastair Campbell, Mr Blair’s former communications director, is understood to have vetted the script and suggested a number of changes.

In one draft, Homer announces: “I’m going to act the way Americans act best — unilaterally.”

He then breaches security to crash a Mini Cooper through the gates of Buckingham Palace, catapulting the Queen out of her horse-drawn carriage.

(my emphasis) Heh. Too funny. I wonder if they will avoid the comparisons anyway. I think it's likely, given the astonishing short memory and attention span of the media these days.

Posted by diego on November 21 2003 at 4:32 PM

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