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Yesterday, late at night, on a break, I suddenly remembered this short story I wrote a while ago. A few months back I printed it out and made some corrections, then put it away. It resurfaced on Monday after I put some order to the living room (sometimes I can't believe how messy things can get on their own). It resurfaced, but I left it aside, and forgot about it again for a few hours.

Then it's on my mind again, and I open the document and start correcting it (in automatic mode). I stop for a moment. Remember the corrections I've already made. Go look for the paper copy. Changes I've just made are the same as those I did months ago, as if whatever is there of the story is already there and time won't change it (this has happened before, a number of times). Anyway, I finish with the changes, then look at the time. A little past one. I wonder. When did I write this? I check out the versioning information on the document. Created on 24 November, 2000, and once I substract the timezone difference (I was on PST when I wrote it) I realize it's been three years, exactly. To the hour.


Then later today (yesterday) I decide I want to watch a movie. I rent 25th Hour, incredibly good. Too good maybe. I'll have to see it again to confirm I wasn't hallucinating. Set in Manhattan, post-September 11. Some of the themes in the movie reminded me of the story (after having set it aside, again). Or the general feeling. Or (more likely) I fancied they did.

In case you want to take a look, here is the story.

That aside, there are a number of other comments to previous posts that I wanted to follow up on. I'll leave those for later today.

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Posted by diego on November 26 2003 at 1:40 AM

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