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I mean it this time

So I didn't stop with Microsoft as I said I would. I got carried away by conversation with other blogs, etc. But as I'm writing a reply to Robert's comment on my previous post about XAML, I just came to a simple realization.

I suddenly saw that what I was asking is sort of a pointless question. It's interesting to speculate, yes. It's also useless.

Yes, my point was... err... pointless.

When Longhorn ships, we might be able to look at this in a new light. Right now it's complete extrapolation, in this case on my part, guided by what I see and by previous MS behavior. Robert keeps saying (as I understand it) that MS is not out to "kill the web", etc. Many people (and to a degree myself included) think that isn't true, based on previous "attempts". Now, Microsoft may be trying for something different this time, or it might not. Either way, we'll see in a couple of years. In the meantime, talking about the potential market effects of a technology that hasn't yet been finished, running on a platform that won't be released for at least two years, with some components that don't yet exist, is an excercise in futility.

I can avoid jumping the gun by waiting until it is actually released and people start using it for actual applications. Until then, two words should be enough to stop myself going down this road further: "Netscape Constellation."

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Posted by diego on December 2 2003 at 2:16 AM

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