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take off

I've had a great time these last few days (and I hope everyone had a great christmas!). So much so that even after that timid e-restart last week I simply tuned out again, not even turning the computer on. In a few hours I'm flying back to Europe, first to Madrid, where I'll spend New Year's Day, and then Dublin by the end of the week. Which means it's unlikely there will be much posting until then. Apologies for not replying emails, hopefully I'll get back up to date by the end of the week. Maybe if there was better connectivity through the trip... US airports might have WiFi all over the place, but that's not the case in Europe, at least not that I know of. Anyway. More on the other side of the Atlantic, 2003 ain't over yet!

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Posted by diego on December 30 2003 at 11:40 AM

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