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watching jobs' macworld keynote

And on the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Mac no less...

First, It is amazing that an audience can clap, hoot and make lots of noise over someone saying "We've added a G5 to our XServe line" and things of that nature. It is kind of surreal.

Aside from XServe upgrades and such and the new versions of iLife apps (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD), Jobs announced GarageBand, software for making music, and what I can say is: WOW. Great synthethized instruments. Loops. Effects. Amps (!). Great Quality. Jobs' demo of this product was really, really impressive. It's not as if I can compare this to more professional tools that are out there, since I'm not aware of what the market is like (I just remember playing with CakeWalk on the PC a while ago, but it was crap compared to this), but since this is included in a $49 package, or free with new Macs, it seems to me that it's a big deal. Or at a minimum, another reason to lust after a Mac. :)

BTW, the "iLife ad" they showed after the demo was terrible, especially compared to the live demo, even more considering that many of the lines that the people in the video say had been used verbatim by Jobs before, which takes away a lot of the enjoyment of the keynote (What? You mean that the keynote was scripted?!? -- you're reminded of what you already knew but Jobs had made you forget). Ditch the pathetic ads apple, Jobs on a stage is enough. :)

Finally, the "iPod mini" (and it comes in colors!). 4 GB of memory (!!!). This is clearly not using Flash, but a microdrive, although Jobs didn't mention it, I'm sure that is the case. Very cool and not that expensive ($249) compared to flash players, after which they are going. However, the high-end flash players now are about one quarter of the size of the mini and no doubt 1/4 of weight too, and you can get around 512 MB for reasonable prices. So, I still prefer flash players but the iPod mini will probably be a good choice for many people.

Cool stuff.

Update: Matt's link roundup and comments on the announcements.

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Posted by diego on January 6 2004 at 6:57 PM

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