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syndication-land happenings

A week has gone by since I came back and I'm still catching up with some of the things that have happened in syndication-land. For example, recently, Dave released a new "subscription aggregator" (meta-aggregator?) that allows members to see who's subscribing to who and do other interesting things. I haven't had time to digest all of its implications so I'll leave the comments for later, but from what I understand (and I haven't registered yet) it looks very cool.

Another example: Feedster has released an RSS feed for their "Feed of the day" feature, and they are doing a number of other interesting things that I haven't yet had time to fully explore. And, btw, my weblog was one of the first "feeds of the day" that was chosen (look in this page near the bottom). This happened months ago! Totally missed it. Thanks!

More later as my brain processes it. :)

Categories: technology
Posted by diego on January 11 2004 at 1:20 PM

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