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still some server problems

I woke up this morning to find the site down (again), this time because the server rebooted overnight (again) and there is some problem with the init scripts (again). Same thing that happened yesterday, and a few days ago. Damn. I have no idea what might be happening, I wonder if it's a hardware problem, or a software problem, or a reaction to some kind of attack, or just the load on the server that is straining things.

At least now I've got the routine down cold: "start this, start that". I need to sit down for a bit and fix it. Hopefully this will stop soon... or at least the server will decide to reboot when I'm awake (this shouldn't be hard, since I don't sleep much).

Apart from that, I was planning to go see LoTR RoK last week but didn't. I was planning to see The Last Samurai but didn't. I wanted to go see Paycheck, but didn't. I was planning to work a lot, and that went fine :).

What else. Yesterday morning I took a break from what I was doing and wrote another application (yes, the whole thing), just for fun. It might sound strange, but to me it is actually relaxing to spend a few hours coding something completely different, especially if it's simple and well-defined. In the process, I managed to fix several problems that I had with the other app, mainly framework and UI things. Funny how changing the context sometimes makes difficult problems seem easy. Archimedes probably knew that, didn't he, when he went to take that famous bath.

I also took yesterday as an "offline" day. No IM. No IRC. No weblog. It's not some kind of master plan, but it just happened. Another way of taking a break for me.

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Posted by diego on January 18 2004 at 12:16 PM

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