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porting swing to swt: a tutorial, and the Tiger is out

Must check out when I have the time (In a couple of days? Early next week? Maybe). Looks interesting, both items via Erik. First, a tutorial from IBM DeveloperWorks on porting Swing apps to SWT. Would be a good way to update on my first impressions.

And, in other Java-related news, (I saw this a couple of days ago, but was reminded again today) a pre-release of Tiger (J2SE 1.5) is now available for testing, very quietly (here's the download page). From the looks of it the installation is still a pain, particularly when juggling multiple JDKs in a single machine (The other day I tried out JBuilder Foundation for a moment and it decided to set itself as the default JDK. Reminds me of the days when media apps like Windows Media, Quicktime and Realplayer used to take control of the registry entries for media formats without asking). Hopefully Sun plans to fix these problems at some point.

Posted by diego on January 21 2004 at 11:53 PM

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