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There are lots of news related to clevercactus, and a number of other things I wanted to comment on. This last few weeks have been really busy (being away in December was also a factor) and as a result I haven't updated as often as I wanted. (Plus, I've had a bad cold that I haven't shaken up completely--what with the subzero temperatures and all).

Regarding clevercactus, a few things to start (I'll elaborate more on these points in future postings):

  • We're "upgrading our infrastructure" (office, servers, et. al).
  • We're hiring! :)
  • That aside, I've been working on a new app that we plan to release soon (and I mean soon). After that there will be a new release of clevercactus pro, which, contrary to what it would seem (since the external release hasn't seen updates in months), is not dead :-). Lots of things have changed/improved since beta2, and it's time to get the new rev out of the gates.

Things are just about to get a lot more interesting.

ps: the category for this entry is still "spaces"--it should be changed to "clevercactus". Will probably do that tomorrow. :)

Categories: clevercactus
Posted by diego on January 30 2004 at 1:52 PM

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