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what went wrong?

One year after Colin Powell's presentation to the UN prior to the war, the New York Times revisits the claims Powell made and how they hold up to what has actually been found so far, going all the way from the "imminent danger of WMD" to the newly en-vogue doublespeak phrase "weapons of mass destruction program-related activities." On this side of the Atlantic, the Guardian has some news in relation to all this just as it seems that an investigation will be launched in the US to look at what went wrong with the asessment of the US intelligence community (predictably enough, the results would be known after the US elections, and the panel would study problems in other areas too, such as Iran or North Korea, presumably to avoid admitting that Iraq was the biggest failure of all, with the most serious consequences). About Iraq, I remember that others, including French, Russian, and Germans, agreed with many US and UK intelligence estimates in this regard (although they didn't read it in such alarming terms). I think that this will be a wake-up call to all intelligence agencies and governments. Obviously Cold-War-style intelligence gathering doesn't quite work anymore... but what will take its place?

Update: a good Washington Post article with more on the topic, along with an Editorial, and a CNN article on a similar push for an inquiry in the UK.

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Posted by diego on February 2 2004 at 1:27 AM

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