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blogtip: pinging technorati and yahoo

A small tip, probably not new to most, but anyway: It is common to have weblog tools "ping" a change-server such as This is used by blog-oriented search engines to both find your blog and provide faster updates. MovableType includes, built-in "ping" support for and However, you can also add your own. Jeremy recently posted how to do it for Yahoo! (very useful now that My Yahoo! supports RSS) and you can do it for Technorati as well, using the information in this page.

When I have time over the next few weeks I'll post a follow up to my introduction to weblogs and introduction to syndication, which have turned out to be quite popular. Sounds like a good idea to write down incrementally which of the more "advanced" topics would be in it. :)

Posted by diego on February 2 2004 at 9:11 AM

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