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first day at the new office

Today we got the keys (and implements :)) to establish ourselves in our own corner of Dublin's Digital Depot, located within the Digital Hub, which also houses Media Lab Europe. Yes, going by names alone this would seem to be quite the hip location. :)

Here are some pictures I took of the offices. There aren't that many of our space (actually I appear to have a certain fixation with my own desk!). I did take a couple but they were out of focus so I didn't include them. We spent the afternoon rearranging the desks and so on. When I was getting back home I realized we should have taken pictures of the place before we got it ready. Oh well. I suppose we can always spend a day messing it up, taking pictures and then putting it back together. :)

Technically the first day was yesterday, but not all the legalities were finished and we just used one of the meeting rooms and couldn't set up the offices.

The phones we got installed are Cisco IP phones: they connect through Ethernet and have an Ethernet-100 output that gives us Internet access on each desk (from the phone!). I babble about the phone because this is the first desk phone that I've used that has its own IP address, network config, DNS setup, :)), ringtones like mobiles, LDAP directory integration (!), updatable firmware, and the first one for which I've found an online tutorial (!). Very cool. (And maybe I'm wrong, but I think those are the phones they use at the fictional CTU in the series 24, which I've always liked). Anyway, not that the cables are that important, once we finished arranging the space it was about 5 minutes before I set up an 802.11g router.

The place is great, and since it is an incubator of sorts, there are a bunch of other cool companies like Havok. Our nearest "neighbor" is Kavaleer which does animation.

Anyway. It's been one of those days were you feel the change. We were talking with Paul about yesterday's meeting and he said "It feels like it was a week ago, doesn't it?", and it was true. I didn't want to leave :) but since we haven't received the machines yet there wasn't much I could do there (the laptop is good for some things, but can't handle all I need for full development). If I'm not very responsive to email (or IM, or whatever), this is why; just keep badgering me :). We've got so many things planned for the next few of weeks that it's a bit overwhelming, but that's how it is.

In case you missed the link above, one more time: here are the pictures.

:-) :-) :-)

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Posted by diego on February 11 2004 at 8:08 PM

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