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the new yahoo search


Yahoo! has finally dumped Google as its search technology for Yahoo! Search. I like it!.

This happened as predicted a little more than a month ago. The new Yahoo! search design had been active for some time already, but using Google for results.

Now consider that Google itself is working on a new design (here are some screenshots of what it might look like, via Aaron). The new Yahoo search looks like a more modern version of what Google does today (at least to me, this is of course subjective). But Google might be changing its design soon. So Yahoo! will end up looking like a "nicer" Google, and Google will end up looking like something else. Funny, isn't it?

I can immediately tell that the results it provides are very good. Comparisons with Google's results for similar keywords show similar (though a bit slower) speeds, less obsession with trackbacks and such, and a good mix of weblog and non-weblog results. I got the Firebird/Firefox plugin for Yahoo! search and replaced my current default (Google of course, although I tried Teoma for a while, it didn't work as well). Let's see if the results are consistently good enough that they convince me to switch.

Plus: here is the link to find the search plugin for the Firebird/Firefox search bar. (Look for "Yahoo" on its own).

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Posted by diego on February 18 2004 at 5:04 PM

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