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plan b, reloaded

On July 26, 2002, I started plan b, a blognovel. I started it without being really sure of where it would go. A few days later it was slashdotted.

I kept writing it for several months, but then other things took over. When my Radio subscription (it was hosted on Salon Blogs) expired last August I didn't renew it, thinking that I would just move it across to this site. Wishful thinking, of course. since the conversion implied fixing backlinks (that allowed you to navigate the story back from any point) which used a link format based on Radio and not MovableType. Since there were more than quite a few posts, doing this conversion would take time. So there it remained... until today, when I decided that I'd begin bringing it back online one post a day or so, which would be manageable for me and make sure that the structure was properly carried over from one site to the other.

So, here it is, first post included (I might play around with the dates until I've verified that the template structure I'm using works, but assuming any changes are necessary they will stabilize in a few days). And, of course, comments welcome!

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Posted by diego on March 20 2004 at 5:00 PM

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