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testing... testing...

Since we're hiring, this topic has been on my mind lately. Can you really know the person... before you know the person? Microsoft for example is famous for putting out these little puzzles that you have to solve in your interview. Other companies take "tests" to prove your knowledge. So let's take a multiple-choice test as an example... I was thinking what one that I wrote would be like and I came up with this:

I like XML because...

  1. it lets me validate what people tell me.
  2. properly closed tags feel all warm and fuzzy around my neck.
  3. where would flamewars be without it?
  4. Big-endian down, Little-endian all the way!
  5. The W3C should burn in hell.
  6. X... M... ?

What comes to mind when you hear 'XSLT'?

  1. To validate is glorious, but to transform is divine.
  2. Velocity! Velocity! Velocity!
  3. you know the movie 'Se7en'...?
  4. Is that that new instruction on IBM's Power3 processor that I keep hearing about?
  5. The W3C should burn in hell.
  6. My cat's name is Mittens.

What do you know about Enterprise JavaBeans?

  1. EJB rulez! Wooooohooooo! Wooooo! Wooooo!
  2. I have three words for you: nice and slow.
  3. Aside from the fact that they suck?
  4. I prefer tea, thank you.
  5. The W3C should burn in hell.
  6. I ate my crayon.

Your thoughts on Java vs .Net.

  1. Windows will be the end of our species.
  2. What's the difference? Windows is better anyway.
  3. Linux. MacOS, maybe, if you asked nicely.
  4. Anything other than HEX and Assembly is for thin-skinned freaks.
  5. The W3C should burn in hell.
  6. My tummy hurts.

Did you enjoy this test?

  1. Very much so. I found it soothing.
  2. Not really. But the pastries were good.
  3. Where's the door?
  4. Stop with the damn test already and get me to a keyboard!
  5. The W3C should burn in hell.
  6. What test?

Posted by diego on March 21 2004 at 7:55 PM

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