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the definition of a hellish night

2:30 AM: Go to sleep, or try to, after working for some 16 hours.

3:00 AM: Wake up to noises in the hallway. People talking loudly and banging on walls. Identify them as drunken slices of humanity coming home after spending hours in a pub following Ireland's win against Scotland in some Rugby match or other. Finally fall asleep again after 15 minutes.

3:30 AM: Wake up again to noises, this time coming from a nearby balcony. Identify them as possibly the same group of drunks. Get to sleep again after another 20 min.

4:30 AM: Wake up again, this time to the building's fire alarm. Wait for a few seconds. Get up. Get dressed. Go out and see what's happening. Be greeted by a wave of dense air smelling like burned-out bacon and possibly eggs. Hear a (possibly the same) group of drunk creatures laughing in the hallway of the floor below. Walking down, I am stopped by people going up, who, as they walk past me, greet me like a long-lost friend (I've never seen them before). I curse under my breath and go back to my apartment. The alarm keeps blaring for 30 minutes more, restarting intermittently. Look at the watch for a long time, consider just getting up, finally fall asleep again at some point.

5:30 AM: Wake up again to more noise, the same people as before or maybe new ones. Curse again. Ponder at length whether it would be too difficult to just pack up and leave Ireland for a few days for events like this (Rugby... St. Patricks' Day...).

6:00 AM: Noise continues. Continue musing about getting on a plane, but wonder if they would be full of Scotsmen in a similar state. And, while having no opinion in particular about Rubgy before, I quickly get to the conclusion that it should be banned from Earth. Finally fall asleep again.

8:00 AM: Wake up to a horrible headache. Not surprising. Gulp down some aspirin and get to work.

Funny isn't it? The rest of Dublin gets drunk, and it's me who has a hangover. Damn.

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Posted by diego on March 28 2004 at 3:03 PM

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