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The guardian has an article today on blogs & fiction. I was interviewed for it, since plan b (mentioned in the article) was maybe the first attempt (certainly one of the first attempts) at this mix.

The interview was actually quite long, and it certainly went beyond the two sentences of my quote :-) but that's how it is. (I will have something to add about what the nature of articles does to any topic in a little bit). It was an interesting experience.

One thing: where I'm quoted "When you're writing, there is a kind of idealised reader in your mind [...]" I think this might give the impression that you actually control or are conscious about writing for someone, when, at least for me, there might be the faint image of this idealised reader somewhere, but it's not really present. Writing requires flow. Flow means that common rational processes don't necessarily apply. Most if not all the time you're writing for yourself (except that there might be a thin veil of disguise, but when you read later what you wrote, and enjoy it, you can't deny reality :)). Then again there's no denying that what's written will be read by others, and since you know that is the case, it becomes difficult to argue that isn't a factor at all. Editing doesn't require flow, and sometimes things are modified during the editing process for one reason or other... and then with plan b even though there isn't much editing, there is feedback, which as I said in the interview clearly has some effect simply because it exists.

Anyway, this is confusing enough to merit a revision at some later date. :) Or maybe it isn't confusing, and I just hesitate because I've lost writing flow after a few days of being not blogging...

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Posted by diego on April 8 2004 at 12:18 PM

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