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from analog to digital Using high-energy physics to preserve old records. Quote:

Haber and Berkeley Lab colleague Vitaliy Fadeyev are working on a breakthrough way of digitizing and archiving old recordings, such as wax cylinders and traditional flat records, that are too far gone for a standard stylus. If successful, the pair may be able to help archivists at The Library of Congress and elsewhere rescue swaths of recorded musical and audio history that are today in danger of being lost.
I always wonder about the fragility of the digital medium (i.e., sans technology, a CD is simply a nice shiny coaster, and recovering information from digital mediums when their platforms and formats are long-gone is as hard, if not harder), but recovering really old analog information is also important. Reminds me of The Long Now as well.

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Posted by diego on May 13 2004 at 3:54 PM

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